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What is the SW Inter-Community Summit?


In partnership with fellow communities and with the help of the FIC (Fellowship for Intentional Communities), we are co-creating this exciting opportunity for networking and commingling among folks from diverse communities. Through discussion and activities we will explore best practices, challenges and problem solving, and sharing resources. All participants and communities will benefit through learning from one another, by discovering our similarities and differences, and experiencing our strengths and challenges. Our aim is to enrich each participating community and participant by providing an opportunity for collective reflection on the on the meaning and possibilities of community in our unique age.

This is the second annual SW Inter-Community Summit! Thanks to everyone who made last year's inaugural Summit the incredible experience that it was. We hope to see you all again this year.  

Widening Circles is the theme of this year's summit. The various bodies that make up Lama Foundation, including year-round residents, trustees and non-local members, are called 'circles'. At Lama and across many communities around the globe, we as participants of the Communities Movement, are calling in an even larger sense of community that encompasses not only the circles that make up our own communities, but others' as well. Now more than ever we are called to widen our circles and move from isolation to participation with the world and each other as seekers, allies and current members of community. 

Together we will focus on three key questions:
1. What are the shared values of the Communities Movement?
2. What gets in the way of living in alignment with those values?
3. How can we as communities and communitarians support each other?